Why get involved?

Become a corporate donor and experience
rewarding results

All development projects associated with Signs of Change are located in highly visible areas and provide corporate donors with high-frequency brand exposure over an extended period of time, often lasting 18-24 months.

While high-visibility advertising exposure is achievable through other advertising media, no advertising media redirects the net monetary value exchanged for advertising space to a charitable organization. Signs of Change enables corporate donors to achieve excellent advertising exposure, while positively impacting a charitable organization with a substantial cash donation. Furthermore, donation amounts are matched by ProCura Real Estate Services, automatically doubling the impact of funds raised for partner charities through Signs of Change.

ProCura has set a goal to raise a total of up to $500,000 for its Signs of Change initiative at each of the company's new development sites, after ProCura matches all donations up to a total of $200,000. The fundraising goal cannot be achieved without the support and commitment of our valued partners.

How to get involved

A variety of sponsorship levels are available for our corporate partners and donors. Please get in touch to learn more about current sponsorship opportunities.