It all starts with a SOLID FOUNDATION

It’s the framework for an extraordinary city skyline. With it, we can have an everlasting impact on the lives of others. At ProCura, we know a supportive foundation is essential to building peerless places and caring communities.

That’s why, through our Signs of Change hoarding initiative, we’re repurposing space on each of our development sites – space that gives back.

A new way to SPARK CHANGE

The organizing idea behind Signs of Change is simple: when we change the course of a young life, we actually change the course of a community’s future. That’s what this ProCura initiative, which benefits Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS), is all about.

Through their mentorship model and additional programming, BBBS has impacted the lives of over 6,000 young people last year alone. And with your involvement in Signs of Change we can expand that reach, as each new ProCura building site is an opportunity to support our community together.

For every dollar committed by a site partner like you, ProCura will match the donation, up to $250,000 per project. The impact of that $1 can translate to an $18 return for society, according to The Boston Consulting Group’s Social Return on Investment Study. The emotional ROI becomes harder to monetize, as confident, contentious and motivated young people are invaluable to the communities we build.

Advertising that

The dynamic locations of our properties translate to excellent advertising opportunities for our partners. Signs of Change leverages this advantage by allocating valuable exposure to our partners based on their level of commitment to Big Brothers Big Sisters.

By sponsoring Signs of Change, you will receive brand exposure not only through our high-traffic hoarding locations, but also through all communication materials released in relation to Signs of Change (i.e. press releases, media events).

Four opportunities for exposure exist:

1) $50,000
2) $25,000
3) $10,000
4) $5,000

Your brand identity will be allocated space on our custom designed Signs of Change hoarding graphic, based on commitment level. The location and position of your logo will also be prioritized by sponsorship level.


In addition to the advertising benefit received through sponsorship, your donation will achieve the following:

  • Decrease the list of children and youth waiting for a mentor
  • Growth of programs to reach children and youth in communities identified as “high risk”
  • Speed up the process of screening families and volunteers, facilitating matches
  • Increase retention and support for programs including volunteer training
  • Demonstrate your commitment to supporting children and youth in your community.


This inspiring idea came straight from our founders’ hearts. An exciting illustration of the power of collaboration, each sign raised makes our community a brighter place. As both leaders and community members, they know nothing impacts the course of a young life quite like a positive, passionate and caring support system. So let’s create a community that prioritizes this. Let’s change lives together.

“I met Luke 3 years ago when he was 6. I knew from our first words that he was going to be my favorite 6 year-old around! I wanted to volunteer with BBBS to help be a positive role-model in a child’s life. What I was surprised to find out was how much of a positive influence that little 6 year-old would end up being in mine.”

~ Jason, Volunteer Mentor

“Never forget what it is you do and how much it really does mean to those you help. You are amazing and gave light to my kids and my life when at times we were in the dark. Thank you so much.”

~ Sarah, Mother of a Mentee

Join the first SIGNS OF CHANGE campaign

Find out how you can get involved in the first Signs of Change campaign at Mayfair North on Jasper Avenue, in benefit of the Boys & Girls Clubs and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Edmonton and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Calgary. To sign up, or to receive information, contact us today.